Facilities & Operations Staff

Facilities and Operations Staff

Associate Vice President, Facilities & Capital Planning

Maureen E. Socha
(413) 572-5205

The Associate Vice President of Facilities & Capital Planning is responsible for the planning and implementation of capital construction, deferred maintenance projects, and oversight of facility operations.   In addition, the Associate Vice President also provides leadership, guidance, and administrative oversight for the daily maintenance and operations of the campus.  This includes environmental services, grounds, powerplant, trades, and environmental health and safety.

Director, Facilities and Operations

Jason Florek
(413) 572-8045

The Director oversees the carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, locksmith and heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) staff.  These departments complete the majority of our in-house generated work orders.  They also perform routine preventative maintenance and periodic testing of safety systems throughout the campus, and on occasion, will undertake projects (significant upgrades or repairs) in place of outside contractors.

Director for Project Management

Tom Therrien
(413) 572-8689

The Director oversees all project management from concept to close out for facility emergencies, capital and operations projects for existing renovation and new facilities and infrastructure improvements. 

Associate Director, Facilities Budgets

Jennifer Gould
(413) 572-8018

The Associate Director is responsible for overseeing the tracking of all operations, capital and major project spending, development of capital budget plans and related campus and state reporting of spending.

Director, Environmental Services

Antonio Santos
(413) 572-5261

The Director provides daily, strategic and financial direction for Environmental Services and supervises maintenance staff in multiple buildings, including academic, residential, administrative, sports and support. 

Power Plant

Jason Miller

Utilizing steam boilers, the Power Plant is the central heating and hot water distribution center on campus. Infrastructure has been created to distribute these utilities to each building, where the Trades Department ensures that they are available for the comfort and use of students and staff. The Power Plant is staffed and runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, until the June shut down when maintenance and repairs are completed on the plant.

Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Shawn Robbins
(413) 572-5209
The office of Environmental Health and Safety oversees regulatory compliance and worker safety issues for the university. Included within those areas are employee training for workers at occupational risk, trench and hotwork permitting, ergonomic accommodations, hazardous and universal waste compliance, Indoor Air Quality, Asbestos and Mold Management, and safety-related inspections.

Support Staff

The support staff coordinates and controls the many duties necessary to keep information flowing through the department. Routinely, staff efforts are required in the finance, payroll, work order, accounting (accounts payable), vendor control, vehicle control, record keeping areas, as well as a host of special projects.

Administrative Assistant I

Beth Newell
(413) 572-5278

Buyer III

Lori Cellilli
(413) 572-8792