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Office of Retention & Engagement

Westfield State is Committed to Your Success

The mission of The Office of Retention and Engagement (The O.R.E.) is to identify at-risk populations and to help get them connected to a support service.  Whether that support service is academic or non-academic, we aim to create a circle of care around our students to help support them in reaching their goals at Westfield State.  

The O.R.E does this by:

  • Encouraging faculty to complete progress surveys using our online retention software, WSU360, alerting our advising staff to students struggling during the term.
  • Outreach to students to assist them in registering for the next term.
  • Taking data from Institutional Research to help make decisions regarding the necessary strategies needed for our students to be successful.
  • Communicating to faculty about ways they can be engaging with students in the classrooms to encourage them to seek support from campus resources.