Course Achievement, Retention, and Engagement (CARE)

CARE Center

Westfield State is Committed to Your Success

The mission of Course Achievement, Retention, & Engagement (C.A.R.E.) is to connect all Westfield State students to opportunities that encourage academic growth and empowerment.  Partnering with other campus support services, academic or non-academic, we aim to create a circle of care around each of our students to help support them in reaching their goals at Westfield State. 

C.A.R.E does this by:

  • Providing content area tutoring through our Tutoring and Learning Center
  • Offering academic workshops tailored to meet students where they are at and develop strategies for success.
  • One on one assistance is provided to students who self-identify as struggling and need assistance.
  • Resource for faculty who identify students who are struggling in their courses. 
  • Provide an open, inclusive physical space that encourages students to focus on their academics.
  • Maintaining our campus retention software (WSU360) that serves as a tool for students to connect easily with support staff and for faculty to easily identify and highlight students who need assistance. 
  • Communicate with campus community members to help support students holistically to ensure all their needs are met (housing insecure students, financial aid eligible students, food insecurities)