Transfer of Military Credits

Credit for Military Experience

Westfield State University offers students with military experience the opportunity to receive graduation credit for this experience. Official documentation of military experience must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar or the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education Office for evaluation. (Applicants for admission to the full-time Day Division should submit military documents along with other application credentials to the Office of Admission.)

Students may receive 3 credit hours in movement science electives for their Basic Training, if they have served a minimum of 9 consecutive months of active duty in the armed forces. Students must submit a Form DD214 documenting this period of service. Students in the National Guard may apply for this credit only if the period of active duty began January 1, 1995 or later.

To apply for credit for other types of military experience, students must submit official copies of their military transcripts. Each service will provide unofficial personal copies and send schools an official copy of your transcript at no charge.

Recently the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard have consolidated their respective transcript services, making things considerably easier to access your military transcripts. 

Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard
• Each of these services now uses Joint Service Transcript (JST) system. This system automatically captures your training, experience and standardized test scores.
• Go to, register for an account (if you don’t have a CAC card) and order an official transcript to be sent to Westfield State University. It usually takes only a few days before they are sent.

Air Force
• The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) automatically captures your training, experience and standardized test scores. Transcript information may be viewed at the CCAF web site.
• Go to for more information or to order transcripts
• Be aware that CCAF transcripts are sent by mail and can take weeks to arrive at the school

• Under most circumstances, Veterans are eligible to use their former service branches transcript program. However if you are not eligible for JST or CCAF system transcripts then you will need to fill out form DD-295 and provide your DD-214 Discharge Document to receive credit or your experience.

These are the only military documents that Westfield State accepts as equivalent of an official transcript. The Form DD-295 must be completed and signed by the students commanding officer in accordance with the course codes and specifications published in the current issue of the American Council on Education’s Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.

Effective May 1, 2003, the Massachusetts Quinn Bill Legislation prohibits criminal justice majors from receiving some credit for military experience.

Credit for military experience is treated as community college-level course work and is subject to all University policies regarding transfer course work.