Presidential Search

The presidential search committee is pleased to announce that we have identified five candidates who have accepted our invitation to interview as finalists for the position of president of Westfield State University.

This next phase of the presidential search is the one that most involves the university community and in many ways is also the most consequential. WSU community members will have the opportunity to provide feedback after each candidate’s visit. Two important tasks are ahead of us: first, to select a leader who will have the broad, enthusiastic support of university constituencies and can motivate and lead us to a bright future; and second, to represent the university as an exciting place to be, one that has accomplished much and is poised to continue its advancement. Each of us plays a critical role in these tasks as we go forward with the visits.

On the evening of the first day of each visit, candidates are being asked to give a 20-30 minute address to the university community at large, describing their background, interest in Westfield State’s presidency, what they see as the challenges and opportunities that the university presents including the UEAAC process and recommendations, and what they see ahead for the next five years in higher education. This presentation will be made via Zoom, with an opportunity for questions at the end of the presentation. The search committee hopes that this presentation will set the foundation for meetings on the second day, where different groups can follow-up on what they heard. However, this presentation is not intended to limit the topics that groups may want to discuss with the candidates.

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