WSU360 is a student tracking, early alert, appointment scheduling and retention application that supports students success and engagement.  It helps students connect with their instructors, advisors, and other support staff to create a circle of care.  It enhances communication across campus departments.  The university implemented the program in the Fall of 2014.  

User Guides

Instructor/Advisor User Guide

Student User Guide

Progress Survey Announcements

Walk Away & Early Alert Survey Schedule:  September 13th to September 27th (goes to all instructors of day division sections)

Progress Survey Schedule:  October 13th to November 2nd

Populations Included in Progress Surveys  Academic Probation, Special Admits, Urban Education, Learning Disabilities Program, First Year Athletes, TRiO students, Exploratory Students, New Transfers, New First-Years, Westfield Promis Students, and Honors Students.  

Accessibility Announcements

September 2017:  Make sure you are using the most up to date browser to access WSU360.  The software supports the most recent browsers versions (Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 61, Safari 11, and Firefox 55) and the one previous.  

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