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COVID-19 Testing Dashboard Spring 2021

The Westfield State University COVID-19 Dashboard provides information relating to the health of our campus community—students, faculty, and staff—by transparently sharing metrics, such as the number of tests conducted, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, and trends in positive test results and percent positivity rates, consistent with local and state reporting protocols. Our testing operation is underway and operating efficiently and effectively. This dashboard will be updated each Monday with the latest information from our testing partners.

Residential and commuter students with an on-campus presence are required to participate in onboard and weekly surveillance/asymptomatic COVID-19 testing. Onboard and weekly surveillance/asymptomatic testing is strongly encouraged for faculty and staff with an on-campus presence. Note: residential and commuter students returned to campus for the Spring 2021 semester to move into residential halls and/or participate in onboard testing January 23-27, 2021, while select residential and commuter students with specific academic requirements or other approved exemptions began to return January 4-22, 2021.

Data updated: 5/17/2021






Total tests administered to date



Students: Positive results received to date


Employees: Positive results received to date



Total positive results received to date


Percent Positivity


Weekly Data



Total tests administered in prior 7 days



Positive student results received in prior 7 days
0 vs 4 in prior 7 days


Positive employee results received in prior 7 days
0 vs 0 in prior 7 days



Total Positive results received in prior 7 days
0 vs 4 in prior 7 days


Weekly Percent Positivity
0.000% vs 0.384% in prior 7 days

The above campus surveillance testing dashboard does not include self-reported or municipality-reported COVID-19 positive cases involving students or employees that are among those that have an on-campus presence for the spring 2021 semester. Also, note that any positive cases associated with City of Westfield residents are captured in the below dashboard numbers specific to the city.


City of Westfield



New confirmed cases May 5 - May 11, 2021



New confirmed cases April 29 - May 4, 2021


COVID-19 prevalence is low on campus and low to moderate in the surrounding community, conditions on campus are well-controlled with frequent testing and isolation/quarantine in Lansdowne has ample capacity.  No change in class modality, gatherings in-line with State requirements, no visitors on campus.


COVID-19 prevalence is low to moderate and conditions on campus are well-controlled with strong testing and Lansdowne capacity is sufficient, however, indicators point toward potential challenges in responding to increased rate of transmission on campus as well as the Westfield area transmission rates on the rise. No change in class modality, gatherings in line with State requirement, no visitors on campus.


COVID-19 prevalence is moderate to high and indicators point to even further increase in campus restrictions. While conditions on campus remain manageable, isolation/quarantine space is minimal in Lansdowne, and Westfield community numbers have increased to a point where students will be asked to remain on campus. Possible change in class modality, no in-person gatherings, no visitors on campus.

Extremely High: 

COVID-19 prevalence has increased on campus and in the surrounding community, to a point of great concern. Isolation/Quarantine space in Lansdowne is sparse and alternative options are being examined. Testing will increase, and students will be asked to remain in rooms except for dining reasons. Westfield community has a high positivity rate and community resources are stressed. Class modality is all virtual, no in-person gatherings, no visitors on campus. 

Total number of positive molecular COVID-19 tests in a specific time period, divided by the total number of molecular COVID-19 tests in that same time period.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases based on positive test results in a given period. Presumptive cases are not included in the positive case number. Three or fewer cases are reported as such (<3) for confidentiality purposes.

Archived Fall 2020 COVID-19 Testing Dashboard