Owl Advantage Program

“The Owl Advantage Program” is a campus-wide, out of classroom programming initiative offered by the Office of Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership in collaboration with academic departments and other campus organizations. The approach is simple. We want to provide events, activities, and programs that are intentional, thoughtful, and holistic. Then, reward students for taking advantage of everything that is offered.

All events offered through the Owl Advantage Program are provided to give students an opportunity to increase their knowledge and awareness within seven wellness areas that have been identified as important to creating an environment for more interaction and collaboration within the WSU community, developing holistic students, and supporting the institution’s educational mission. These areas can all be reviewed in the graphic below.

The 7 Wellness Categories are…

  • Intellectual: Expanding knowledge of the world, opening yourself to new ideas and experiences
  • Social: Making connections with your community, maintaining positive relationships with friends and new cohorts
  • Social Justice: Empowering yourself to build solidarity and community that leads to transformation
  • Environmental: Learning to be good stewards of the Earth by understanding the effects of human activity and by promoting sustainability
  • Emotional and Spiritual: Developing self-knowledge and strategies for coping with challenging circumstances; striving to attain peace and harmony in one’s life
  • Professional: Focusing on personal fulfillment from work and prospective educational and career paths
  • Physical: Adapting a healthy quality of life, minimizing physical stress and fatigue

How do I find events to attend? Check out the new and improved campus events calendar at THE EVENT CALENDAR.

How do I get rewarded? It’s easy! All you need to do is attend events and fill out a report form to alert the office you went to a program. Attend a total of 7 events in one semester that hit a total of 5 wellness categories. Every student that completes the 7 events will receive a prize.

What are the prizes? There will be an Owl Advantage Program memorabilia prize that all students receive, as well as a special invitation to the rewards event at the end of the semester. Larger prizes that all students will be entered into a drawing for may include: Late Night Pizza and Wings Party, Flat Screen TV, Free Fitness Center Membership, catered dinner for you and your closest friends, Owl Bucks Prize, WSU School Swag, and more!

How do I report attendance? All you need to do is fill out the report form.

>> Owl Advantage Attendance Report Form <<

If you have any questions about this new initiative, please reach out to sail@westfield.ma.edu and we will be happy to help!