Our History Courses

Our History Courses

The History program offers you a wide range of classes. This extensive range of courses enables each student to choose classes that reflect their personal interests and goals. Few courses require prerequisites. Our faculty teach over 35 different specialized electives in the areas of U.S., European, Latin American, African, Middle Eastern, and World History. 

History majors select any 6 history electives of their choice (two must be at the 300 level), in addition to their other history requirements. Note that elective courses are usually offered only every 2nd or 3rd year (See the webpage for “Current and Future Courses”). If a topic interests you, go ahead and sign up for the class! However, you should be aware that 300-level courses are more demanding than 200-level and will require more in-depth reading, writing, and research assignments. Most students take electives only in their Junior and Senior years. For the complete course descriptions see the WSU Course Catalog (select HIST under the PREFIX drop down menu).


American History

HIST0131 U.S. History to 1865
HIST0132 U.S. History since 1865
HIST0243 U.S. History, 1932-Present
HIST0251 American Colonial History, 1400-1763
HIST0255 Jacksonian America, 1815-1848
HIST0258 U.S. Environmental History
HIST0260 United States History, 1877-1932
HIST0261 The 1920's and the Great Depression
HIST0263 U.S. Women's History
HIST0264 African American History
HIST0265 The Minority Experience: A Multicultural History of the U.S.
HIST0266 History of Baseball
HIST0269 Sports in American History
HIST0270 Topics: U.S. Food & Spirit History
HIST0273 U.S. Labor & Economic History: 1877-Present
HIST0275 African-American History and Civil Rights Since 1865
HIST0281 Museum Studies and Historic Sites
HIST0285 Public History: Theory and Practice
HIST0306 U.S. Immigration History
HIST0311 Modern Civil Rights Movements, 1945-Present
HIST0312 U.S. Disability History:Constructing Disability,Difference, and Citizenship
HIST0313 U.S. Popular Culture History
HIST0351 U.S. Constitutional History
HIST0352 The American Revolution Era and the Early Republic, 1763-1815
HIST0357 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1845-1877
HIST0359 Cold War Era, 1945-1990
HIST0362 Native American History

European History

HIST0101 Western Experience I
HIST0102 Western Experience II
HIST0201 Medieval Eruope
HIST0211 Europe since 1919
HIST0216 The French Revolution
HIST0235 Modern Ireland, 1763-Present
HIST0242 Topics in European History
HIST0291 Expansion of Europe and Imperialism
HIST0315 The Crusades
HIST0324 Roman Republic
HIST0325 Roman Empire
HIST0326 Age of Chivalry, 600-1400 A.D.
HIST0327 European Dark Ages, 300-1000 A.D.
HIST0328 Roman Emperors, 27 BSE - 476 AD

World History

HIST0113 World History to 1600
HIST0114 Modern World History since 1600
HIST0215 Introduction to Asia, Africa, and Middle East
HIST0267 Sports in World History
HIST0276 Latin America to 1800
HIST0277 Latin America since 1800
HIST0278 Women in Latin America
HIST0279 Latin American Revolutions
HIST0282 Traditional Africa to 1800
HIST0283 Themes in African History
HIST0284 Topics in African History
HIST0292 Crisis in the Middle East
HIST0341 Oral History: Theory and Practice
HIST0372 ST: Drugs in Latin America
HIST0373 Modern Latin America
HIST0375 U.S. & Latin American Relations since 1898

General & Internships

HIST0120 The History/Social Studies Teacher (1 credit)
HIST0121 The Historian (1 credit)
HIST0202 Introduction to Historical Research and Analysis
HIST0293 Internship - Off Campus
HIST0294 Internship - Historical Journal of Massachusetts
HIST0395 Senior Seminar

Special Topics Courses  

Recent examples include: Drugs in Latin America, Faces of Evil, History of Horror, Magic and Witchcraft, and the Vampire Myth.  

HIST0270 Topics in U.S. History
HIST0280 Topics in Latin American History
HIST0284 Topics in African History
HIST0288 Topics in Asian History
HIST0289 Topics in Middle Eastern History
HIST0290 Topics in Comparative History
HIST0300 Special Topics in European History
HIST0310 Special Topics in U.S. History
HIST0342 Special Topics in African History
HIST0343 Special Topics in Asian History
HIST0371 Special Topics in Middle Eastern History
HIST0373 Special Topics in Latin American History
HIST0390 Special Topics in Comparative History