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The WSU 3+3 Program with UMASS Law Frequently Asked Questions

Must I be a Political Science or Criminal Justice major to be eligible? 

No. This program is available to students of any major.

Are transfer students eligible?

Yes, transfer students are eligible. The same rules apply as for all undergraduates: completion of 90 credits; completion of all Core requirements; completion of all Major requirements; a 3.0 G.P.A.; and a letter of recommendation from the WSU Pre-Law advisor.

How do I begin to see if I am eligible for the 3+3 program?

All students must apply for the program by contacting the Pre-Law Advisor at WSU before or shortly after matriculating at WSU. At that point students will be informed of all program requirements. An assessment will be made at that point of the individual student’s prospects for meeting the criteria. Students will be asked to complete the “Westfield State University/UMASS  3+3 Application” form. 

When should a student take the LSAT? 

All students in the 3+3 program must complete the LSAT by June of their junior year, with the aim of entering UMASS Law in the following fall semester. 

How does it work for MassTransfer students?

MassTransfer students need to complete their major requirements in their first year at WSU, along with the Core requirements. Meet with the Pre-Law Advisor to discuss your course selection and possible ways to meet the eligibility criteria.

What should I major in if I want to take advantage of the 3+3 program?

There is no prescribed major or course of study to be eligible for the 3+3 program. UMASS School of Law seeks a diverse student body, and encourages students from all backgrounds to apply. Successful law students generally take challenging undergraduate courses that emphasize analytical thinking, problem-solving, and courses that put a premium on clear written and oral expression. Students are advised to take some courses dealing with case law in order to become familiar with the vocabulary and structure of legal arguments.

An important consideration in choosing a major is the number of credits required. The major must be completed by the end of junior year. So, it may be wise to choose a major with comparatively lower credit requirements. 

What if my G.P.A. is under 3.0 at the end of my junior year? May I still be eligible if I take additional course work in the summer, or fall, to make the 3.0 requirement? 

For this program, your GPA will be based on your three years of undergraduate work, upon completion of 90 credits. UMASS Law will consider students with a GPA below the minimum 3.0 on a case-by-case basis, but will not guarantee admission.

Coursework from fall semester of senior year is inapplicable insofar as UMASS Law School only admits students in the Fall. 

What if my LSAT score is below 150? 

UMASS Law will consider your application, but you will not be guaranteed admission under the WSU 3+3 program.

If I get admitted and complete my first year of law school at UMASS, do I still get to go through commencement at WSU? 

Yes! Your UMASS Law first-year credits are transferred back to WSU to complete your undergraduate degree. You can “walk” at the WSU graduation. Academic honors, such as “magma cum laude”, will based on your GPA in your WSU courses, excluding the grades earned at UMASS Law. 

Do I pay Westfield tuition or UMASS Law tuition in my 4th year? You would pay UMASS Law tuition. 

You would pay UMASS Law tuition. 

What about financial aid?

You would apply for financial aid through UMASS Law, just as would any law school applicant.

What if I meet all the requirements, but decide in my junior year to stay at WSU for my senior year?

You are free to opt out of the 3+3 program at any time, but you would lose your guaranteed admission status at UMASS Law. You could, of course, apply for admission during your senior year at WSU to UMASS Law or any other law school. Ask your pre-law advisor for guidance.

What if I am admitted to UMASS Law under the 3+3 program, but decide to leave after a few weeks? 

You would be able to return to Westfield State the following semester. 

Who should I contact for more information on the 3+3 Program?

Prof. Philip Zampini, Ph.D in the Department of Political Science is the official 3+3 coordinator for WSU. Email: Office: Parenzo 110; 413-572-5703.