Housing Sign-Up Spring 2018

Housing Sign-Up Information

MyHousing Information

Looking for MyHousing and how to use the system to complete your housing agreement, search for roommates, and sign up for a room next year?  We will be posting informative videos in the coming days and weeks that will help you as you go through the Housing Sign-Up process!

Housing Sign-Up Gazette

The Housing Sign-Up process is detailed in the annual Housing Sign-Up Gazette.  This booklet will be distributed to all students in the residence halls.  Please be sure to read through this booklet and familiarize yourself with Housing Sign-Up.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail housing@westfield.ma.edu and we will be happy to help.  You can also find us on Facebook by searching for Westfield State University Residential Life

Housing Deposit

The first step in the Housing Sign-Up process is submitting your Housing Deposit.  The Housing Deposit is $200 and is paid online through your MyHousing account when completing the Housing Agreement.  The payment is made by credit card.  If you are unable to pay the deposit for any financial based reason, please go to the Urban Education, TRiO, or Financial Aid offices for a Waiver.  The Housing Deposit is non-refundable whether a student participates in the rest of Housing Sign-Up or not.  The deadline to submit your Housing Deposit is Friday, March 9th by 11:59PM.  For more detailed information about the Housing Deposit please read through the Housing Gazette by clicking here.

Housing Sign-Up Process

Event Date Time Location
Disability Accommodation
Requests Due
March 9 4:00PM Banacos Center
Housing Deposit Due March 9 11:59PM Online in MyHousing
Living Learning Community 
Decisions Emailed
March 19 Noon University Email
Accomodation Housing Notification March 21 Noon University Email
Living Learning Community Selection March 26 Noon Online in MyHousing
Year-Round Housing Selection March 28 Noon Residential Life
Selection Night #1
for SR/JR Groups Only
April 2 5:00PM Online in MyHousing
Selection Night #2
for SR/JR/SO Groups Only
April 4 5:00PM Online in MyHousing
Selection Night #3
for SR/JR/SO/FR Groups
April 9 5:00PM Online in MyHousing
Room Swap Day April 11 8:00PM-11:59PM Online in MyHousing
Last Day to Opt-out of Random Assignment April 13 Deadline 11:59PM Online in MyHousing