New Student Orientation Staff

The New Student Orientation Team is one of the most engaging and energetic groups on the Westfield State University Campus. Our team is comprised of current students, professional staff members, and Westfield alums. From the professional staff to the student leaders, every member of the team is dedicated to welcoming the new students to Westfield State University and ensuring that they have a fun, safe, and engaging orientation experience.

Meet our Program Staff

Professional Staff

Matt Dellea - Coordinator of New Student Orientation, Class of 2011

Shannon Green - Assistant Coordinator of Champions Network, Class of 2004

Currently Vacant - Assistant Coordinator of Student Programs


Student Coordinators

Dionn Casanova - Student Coordinator of Student Life, Class of 2023

Angie Rodriguez - Student Coordinator of Academic Life, Class of 2023

Lindsey Bak - Student Coordinator of Champions Network, Class of 2023

Rodney Duteau - Student Coordinator of Training and Development, Class of 2023

Lorenze Beltran - Student Coordinator of Communications, Class of 2023

Michael Buckley - Student Coordinator of Summer Socials, Class of 2022 

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are currently being hired for the 2022 Program.