Off Campus Housing


The Department of Residential Life maintains an up to date listing of off campus properties available in Westfield, MA to students looking to live off campus.  If you are interested click on the link below for information on over 50 locations.

Off Campus Listing - THIS LIST IS ALWAYS BEING UPDATED.  Be sure to look for changes on a weekly basis.

For further information regarding any of the properties in the Off Campus Listing, or for information on the Westfield Police Department's Crime Free Multi Housing Program and which property owners participate, please contact Sgt. Eric Hall at (413) 642-9383.

Property Owners

Our department only accepts registration forms for listings in Westfield, MA.

Properties listed for a year will be taken down unless the property owner notifies our department or updates the listing. If you are a property owner wishing to list with us, please contact for a Registration form.


Please remember: The University serves as an information source only for off-campus hosing listings.  The University does not inspect or endorse any of the listings contained herein.  Listings are provided as information only and students are strongly encouraged to meet with landlords and inspect apartments before signing any agreements.  The University does not act as a party to any of these off-campus housing agreements. Properties listed may be removed at any time by the request of the owner or decision of Westfield State University.