The Washington Center

Past Interns:

  • DaQuan Cook (2012)
  • Jessica Bartlett (2010)

Jessica is an English major with a political science minor, and she plans to attend law school after her bachelor’s degree. Her Washington, D.C. internship will surely give her an advantage and important insights as she pursues the next step of her career. Westfield State has a well-established established program through which we are able to send, and fund, interns to Washington D.C. every semester—including fall and spring, as well as summer. Interns are placed in various government and non-government jobs, including law offices and political organizations, depending on availability and the student’s interests, insider” tours, and other services for interns.

This is how Jessica reported the culmination of one of her assignments: “I recently received the final print of the External Civil Rights Brochure. I am now seeing the results of my hard work. When I am back at school my brochure will still be circulating throughout the Treasury. I am happy that my work is meaningful and leaving a lasting impression. At this upcoming staff meeting, my supervisor would like me to present the brochure to my colleagues. I am excited to demonstrate my hard work and discuss what I have learned about Civil Rights.”

Beyond providing great access to the most powerful people and places in D.C., this internship has given Jessica the opportunity to make a few lasting relationships with working professionals whose input has already helped her tune her career path. The Washington Center has been operating for over three decades and serves a broad range of student interests and specialties with an internship experience that pays off big!

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