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Past Interns:

  • Jordyne Taylor (2015)
  • Macey Lavoie (2014)
  • Anna Svadeba (2012)

Archiving and Publishing

The Westfield Athenaeum is a library that works in conjunction with the Edwin Smith Historical Museum. This internship site gives inters the chance to work closely with catalogs and documents from the past.

Spring 2015 intern Jordyne Taylor "used the library's materials to do research on the past." She then wrote historical articles that were published in The Westfield News, a local newspaper.

This internship requires that a student work well independently, pay attention to detail, and enjoy researching as well as writing. Jordyne also recognized how being resourceful and working well under pressure also assisted in her success: "this internship taught me better time management skills, as well as how to utilize the tools the Westfield Library had to offer."

2014 intern Macey Lavoie said that what she enjoyed most was "working for the Athenaeum when a lot of the surrounding buildings and companies were experiencing anniversaries including Westfield State University." This meant that although she was able to research the history of the buildings, she was also able to focus on current events pertaining to the buildings and chronicle their progress.

Interning at the Westfield Athenaeum is a great way for students to sharpen their critical writing skills while gaining some commercial exposure which both Macey and Jordyne cited as their favorite part of their experiences. Jordyne said "The best part of this internship was opening up The Westfield News and seeing my name printed above an article I worked hard to research for and write."

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