Westfield On Weekends

Past Interns:

  • Deryn Copeland (2015)
  • Nick Wyman (2015)
  • Sarah Enloe (2015)

Community Building

Deryn Copeland, Sarah Enloe, and Nick Wyman were all a part of Westfield on Weekends (WoW) during the Spring 2015 semester. The goal of WoW is to bring Westfield's community together in a productive and positive way.

Deryn commented that during her experience, she "worked mostly on revamping the [Westfield on Weekends] website. We were working with the publisher of the website and presented our ideas to the board at the last retreat."

Interning at WoW is heavily dependent upon teamwork and communication. As Deryn had noted, students are introduced to professional board meetings where they meet with the chairmen of a specific committee and pitch their ideas for changes they would like to see made regarding the program. Students interested in this internship will find it useful to be creative, flexible, and able to work well with others. There are also weekly meetings with the directors of the program which adds an extra formal and professional edge to this internship.

Westfield on Weekends has taught Deryn "networking skills and professionalism." She and Nick agreed that the directors were "great at making sure [we] understood what non-profits in general are all about, how they work, and how much effort goes into starting and maintaining them."

While all three interns noted that they felt like valuable assets and "not just interns," Deryn had taken a deeper interest in the non-profit sector: "it has helped me realize that a career with a non-profit organization is something I would love to pursue. I have even realized that I could eventually create my own non-profit once I graduate and get some more experience."

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