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Westfield State Advancement, Alumni, & University Relations

Past Interns:

  • Haley Batchelder (2015)
  • Tessa Newell (2014)
  • Beth Teague (2014)
  • Allison Bennett (2012)
  • Lexi Wight (2010)


The Westfield State Advancement & University Relations seeks to promote higher education via strategic marketing. Interns oftentimes find themselves creating, editing, and maintaining program materials, flyers, and brochures.

Spring 2015 WSU AUR intern Haley Batchelder found herself performing different tasks and filling different positions daily: "my position didn't have one main focus, and I was used wherever I was needed." During her internship, Haley helped revise and update all scholarships available to students for the 2015-2016 academic year. She added that she had also been "involved with planning and organizing the Interfaith Breakfast and the Alumni Gala."

Prospective interns should be willing to be hands on, work well in a team, and think quickly on their feet. When planning an event, Haley was asked to focus her attentions from catering, to publicity, and to finances at a moment's notice. Although seemingly demanding, Haley explained that the Advancement & University Relations internship was "welcoming, and the staff worked to make sure we, as interns, were learning as much as possible."

Haley expressed happiness with regard to her internship, and she attributed it to "having the opportunity to try a multitude of different tasks, therefore, helping me decide what I really want to do with my degree since that was something I was still unsure of."

2014 intern Tessa Newell echoed Haley's comments in that she was also able to grow in a welcoming community despite all of her responsibilities: "As far as my preparedness for a job in the future, I think the internship definitely pushed me in the right direction. I'm not entirely sure what interests me right now... but the internship forced me to improve in an area that I felt weakest in for a long time."

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