Westfield State English Department

Past Interns:

  • Macey Lavoie (2015)
  • Alaina Leary (2013)
  • Lyndon Seitz (2012)

Public Relations

As an intern at the Westfield State University English Department, students will work closely with the department chair Emily Todd. They will mostly be responsible for creating handbooks for English majors, interviewing English majors past and present, and writing for department newsletters.

2015 intern Macey Lavoie often found herself performing other tasks such as “working closely with English faculty members. While I did work on different writing pieces, I also found myself having to be independent since sometimes I would have to sit in for the department’s assistant, Regina, if she wasn’t around.”

Resourcefulness is a valuable asset for this particular internship. As 2013 intern Alaina Leary noted, “[while] I drafted the major/minor requirements, I was only given the English department course list of Spring 2013. So I used my own tools online and in the course catalogue to update the applicable courses.”

Since interns at this site are expected to write about and highlight pertinent information, both in print and digitally, reflective of the English department, they must be able to pay close attention to detail and have proficient writing and editing skills.

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