Westfield State University Ely Library

Past Interns:

  • Alyssa Deragon (2015)
  • Chelsea Nelson (2014)
  • Kyle Johnston (2013)
  • Crystal Lanucha (2012)
  • Molly Coyle (2010)

Library Science

Alyssa Deragon, 2015 intern at Westfield State University Ely Library found herself quite satisfied with her plentiful workload. While interning at the circulation desk, she checked books in and out of the library, filed interlibrary loan requests, ordered popular fiction novels, as well as having performed a plethora of other tasks her supervisor had for her.

Interns at Ely Library are allowed to explore library science while “being around books and like-minded people who are creative and passionate about literature and education,” Alyssa noted.

While there is an emphasis on working with books, there are also creative outlets. Alyssa explained that she enjoyed “designing and assembling book displays for the two cases in the front of the library and using Microsoft Publisher to create signs for events and the book displays.”

Alyssa said that she learned useful skills such as “how to use Microsoft Publisher, find books only using their call numbers, use a library circulation program, work with others collaboratively, problem solve, and how to give adequate customer service.”

Former intern Kyle Johnston shared similar thoughts about feeling less like an intern and more like a productive and engaged part of the Ely Library team: "I spent time working under each of the different  librarian positions. Carolyn (supervisor) would always ask me for my opinion about problems we faced, usually followed my suggestions, or even let me handle it myself. Ultimately, this was the most valuable part of my internship."

Westfield State University Ely Library

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