Westfield State University Public Affairs Office

Past Interns:

  • Dan Haggerty (2015)
  • Krista Bresnahan (2014)
  • Maddie Cicitto (2014)
  • Tessa Newell (2013)
  • JT Thelen (2012)
  • Kaila Cummings (2012)
  • Alyssa Zabierek (2011)
  • Dan Connors (2011)

Public Relations

While interning at the Westfield State University Public Affairs Office, Students get the opportunity to work with the University's President. Often, interns are in charge of interviewing students and faculty about campus events and writing press releases and feature articles on them.

Dan Haggerty was the Public Affairs Office's intern in Spring 2015. His main tasks were writing press releases and updating and maintaining social media accounts (Twitter) for the campus President. Dan said that having worked so closely with the President taught him how to "deal with the media," a necessary skill in the field of public relations.

Public Affairs Office interns should have critical writing and reading skills, as well as creative writing skills. Interns work as part of the professional public relations team which strengthens their social and communication skills.

Fall 2011 intern Dan Connors also enjoyed this communication-based internship. He remarked that it took him outside of his comfort zone because he was "forced to communicate with others regularly in order to complete tasks, whether I was asking a question or tracking down someone to interview."

Kaila Cummings, 2012 intern said that her communication skills strengthened because of the numerous interviews she conducted. She also found interviewing to be her "most valuable experience." She continued, "Surprisingly I really loved interviewing people. For the MTG production of 'Legally Blonde: The Musical,' I actually met up with a student after internship hours and conducted a face-to-face interview."

This internship would be best for friendly and resourceful students who are honest about his/her opinions and comfortable asking questions. Furthermore, it would also be beneficial for students seeking experience in journalistic writing.

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