Westfield State University Webmaster Team

Past Interns:

  • Mewe Okoh (2015)
  • Alyssa Legare (2014)
  • Julia Sottile (2013)
  • Dan Henry (2010)

Internet Content Writer

Being a part of the Westfield State University English Department Webmaster team gives interns the chance to enhance their writing skills and learn the skills necessary to operate a website. 2010 intern Dan Henry noted that, essentially, he learned “about the particular writing needs for putting up web content" and upgrading current and revamping existing content.

Upgrading internship site profiles, conducting interviews with other English interns, and editing content are major responsibilities. Mewe Okoh, 2015 intern, said that “the Webmaster position was solitary, which is good for someone like me that works best alone and enjoys research. Learning how to edit content was a useful skill for me to learn as it made me more cognizant of and more reticent to face my own textual, and often grammatical, mistakes.”

Interns will learn how to work with the online content editing program Expression Engine.  Expression Engine allows students to update the WSU English website and their affiliates such as the Internship page and faculty pages.

2014 intern Alyssa Legare worked closely with the English department chair Emily Todd mainly updating and revamping faculty pages and “sidebar” tabs which serve as resources for majors and non-majors alike.

This internship is geared toward students that are highly self-motivated and resourceful, enjoy researching, and are interested in a future in publishing web content.

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