Whip City Candle

Past Interns

  • Alaina Leary (2015)


Whip City Candle is a family owned and operated candle business in the city of Westfield. On their website, they mention that aside from candle-making, “community is [their] number one goal.”

2015 intern Alaina Leary was responsible, mainly, for advertising for the company. She said, “I wrote newsletters, product descriptions, and [wrote] social media content.” While she did complete a great deal of writing, she was also allowed some artistic freedom: “Whip City Candle has monthly newsletters which I wrote and designed using their basic ideas and product specials for the month. I also wrote product descriptions and gave their BeanTowne Bears each a ‘personality.’ I also worked on creating an Instagram for the company.”

Alaina also explained that Whip City Candle didn’t have any type of social media when she got there and was ambitious enough to ask her supervisor if she could start a blog for the company. Her supervisor gave her the greenlight: “This internship was perfect for me because I had several experiences that led me to this point where I can now say, ‘this is what you could be doing, and I’ll help you do it from the ground up.’ It allowed me to be creative and show her my knowledge base.” Alaina parlayed her social media experience from her internship at Beetle Press.

Interns for this site should have good communication and writing skills and be able to come into their experience with innovative thoughts and ideas.

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