Wednesday Monthlies

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Every week we have a different politician or representative come in from the city or from around the area to tell us what is going and answer questions from callers and our producer. It is a rotation that starts over at the beginning Wednesday of each month. Each one of the shows holds a different name, that will be said at the beginning of each show.

1st WednesdayOn the Town with Mayor Brian Sullivan, Dennis Akins, and Amber Danahey

2nd Wednesday– Window on West Springfield with Mayor Will Reichelt (8am – 9 am) & Chamber Chatter with Kate Phelon (9am – 10 am)

3rd Wednesday-Everything Southwick with Selectman Joe Deedy (8am – 9am) & Arts Beat Radio with Mark Auerbach (9am – 10am)

4th Wednesday-Rock on Westfield with Harry Rock (8am – 9am) & Boys and Girls Club Around Town with Bill Parks (9am – 10am)


  • Wednesday - 8:00 am - 10:15 am

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