Get To Know Your Advisor!

Each CGCE advisor has their own preference for how students should contact them. See the chart below to find out who the advisor for your program is and how you should make an appointment to meet with them.

Advisors for the College of Graduate and Continuing Education 

Program How to make an appointment   Advisor
Accounting (grad) Email Erin Moore
Undergraduate Art Email Jamie Wainright
Biology (undergrad) Email David Christensen
Biology (grad/post-bacc) Email David Christensen
Communication Email Nigel Dobereiner
Computer/Info Science Email James Carabetta
Criminal Justice (undergrad) Email John Jones
Criminal Justice (grad) Email Christopher Kudlac
Business MGMT (undergrad) Email  Melissa Trinks 
Business MGMT (online) Email Melissa Trinks
Special Education Email  Tracy McLeod
Vocational Education Email for contact information. Donald Jarvis
Early Childhood Education Email  Mary Curro
Elementary Education Email for contact information. Martin Henley
Reading Specialist Email  Sandra Berkowitz
English (undergrad) Email Stephen Adams
English (grad/post-bacc) Email Glen Brewster
Environmental Science Email John McDonald
Ethnic and Gender Studies Email Elizabeth Stassinos
Geography, Planning, Sustainability Email Brian Conz
Health Sciences (undergrad) Email  Karen Sladyk
Health Sciences (grad/Physican Assistant) Email  Jennifer Hixon
History (undergrad) Email Erica Morin
History (grad/post-bacc) Email Nicholas Aieta
Language and Cultural Studies (undergrad) Email Hugo Viera
Language and Cultural Studies (grad/cert) Email Hugo Viera
Liberal Studies (online) Email David Lovejoy
Liberal Studies (in person) Email  David Lovejoy
Math (undergrad) Email Chrissi Von Renesse
Math (grad/post-bacc) Email Chrissi Von Renesse
Movement Science (undergrad/grad) Email Robert Rausch
Movement Science (post-bacc) Email Robert Rausch
Music (undergrad non-licensure) Email Andy Bonacci
Music (ed: undergrad/post-bacc) Email Rachel Gibson
Nursing Contact the Nursing department at (413) 572-8335 Nursing Dept.
Nursing (RN to BSN) Email Jessica Holden
Philosophy Email Liam Harte
Physical Science (undergrad) Email Patrick Romano
Physical Science (grad/post-bacc) Email Patrick Romano
Political Science Email Hugh Jo
Psych (undergrad) Email Jack Szpiler
Psych – Mental Health Email Robert Hayes
Psych – ABA Email Jorge Reyes
Psych – Guidance Email Maria Letasz
Psych - Forensic Psychology Email Joseph Camilleri
Public Administration Email Charles DiStefano
Social Work (undergrad) Email Ziblim Abukari
Social Work (grad) Email Maria del Mar Farina de Parada
Sociology Email Gabriel Aquino
Undeclared Email  David Lovejoy