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Feel free to examine the syllabus for the CHEM 0109-001 (MWF at 9:20) Gen Chem class or look at some of the materials collected on this page or the announcements made in class.

Feel free to look at some sample tests...

Test 1

Test 1 answer key

Test 2

Test 2 answer key

Test 3

Test 3 answer key

Test 4

Test 4 answer key


Sample test 1: here

Answers: here

Sample test 2: here
Sample test 2b: here

Answers: here
Answers: here

Sample test 3: here

Answers: here

Sample test 4: here
Sample test 4b: here

Answers: here

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During the semester we will talk about the following topics.

Using Significant Figures



strategies for naming compounds
strategies for determining formulae from names.

Atomic mass and Molar mass of elements and molecules

Using elemental analyses and combustion analyses to determine molecular formulae.


Reactions that occur in solution

Units of concentration: molarity and molarity problems
Stoichiometry of dissolution

Gas Laws

Energy and enthalpy

Atoms; electrons and orbitals (go here to view atomic orbitals).


Ionic vs. covalent bonding
Bond dissociation energy
Lewis structures
New VSEPR pages

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p 01-4 Measurement and Sig .pdf

p 05-9 Conversns&derived un.pdf

p 10-14 Temperature Convers.pdf

p 15-23 Naming simple compo.pdf

p 24-28 AMU, atomic & molar.pdf

p 29-37 imper molec form, %.pdf

p 38-41 balancing + stoich.pdf

p 42-47 %Yield+Limiting rea.pdf

p 48-53 Behavior and Molari.pdf

p 54-62 Rxns in Solution.pdf

p 63-67 redox.pdf

p 75-83 gases PV=nRT.pdf

p 84-92 gas Stoich.pdf

p 93-98 KMT.pdf

p 99-101 Real gases.pdf

p102-106 Energy and Work.pdf

p107-118 DH & const p calo.pdf

p119-126 DH state and Hess.pdf

p126-132 Waves, Photoelec, .pdf

p133-138 Bohr Atom.pdf

p139-152 orbitals,trends,va.pdf

p153-156 ionic bonding.pdf

p158-166 covalent.pdf

p167-178 Lewis Structures.pdf

p179-182 VSEPR.pdf

p183-187 Electroneg/polarit.pdf

p188-189 polarity.pdf

p190-197 hybridization .pdf



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