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Champions Orientation: Keeping Your Student Safe Session Notes

Important Information:

  • COVID Vaccine is required(students need to be fully vaccinated with either 2 shots from Pfizer or Moderna, or one from Johnson and Johnson) 
  • Boosters are not mandatory, but recommended
  • Students need to upload their ID pictures through the GET App before August 17th
  • Student Bills are due July 22nd!

Public Safety:

  • Phone number: 413-572-5262
  • Champions can download the RAVE Guardian App
  • Rave is our Universities emergency notification system, students can download the Rave app, this app will only work for students and Rave Guardian will only work for Champions
  • FERPA form: Champions are not able to talk to the University about their student unless this form is signed
  • FERPA form link: https://www.westfield.ma.edu/documents/parent-ferpawaiver 
  • Move in day is September 2nd
  • It is easier during the move-in process if you are bringing multiple cars full of stuff, for the car only with the student to go to the key pickup location. Helps make everything run smoother with limited cars. 
  • Students should not leave their belongings unattended on campus(electronics, campus ID)
  • Some insurance companies offer plans for students going off to college to protect their belongings. Protect your investments
  • Remind your students to lock their doors! Anyone can walk into a room if the door is unlocked
  • Shuttle vans usually run from 5:00PM-12:00AM(times are subject to change depending on student need). The shuttle is a campus wide shuttle, students can use it to go to different locations only on campus
  • Shuttles are driven by students(another job opportunity for students)

Brittany Rende

  • Director of Title IX
  • Email: brende@westfield.ma.edu
  • Phone: 413-572-8728
  • Westfield State Title IX Statement: https://www.westfield.ma.edu/sexual-violence 
  • Clery Act 
  • Title IX Policy Offenses: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assualt (rape, fondling, statutory rape, incest), dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, retaliation)
  • Sexual misconduct outside the definition of Title IX will be resolved using the WSU Sexual Violence Policy
  • Reporting Options:(Non-Confidential Resources) Title IX office, Public Safety, required reporter, local law enforcement. (Confidential Resources) Counseling Center, Health Services, Pastoral Services. Or they can choose to not report or make an anonymous report. 
  • Part of the Title IX procedure is an investigation and hearing before any disciplinary sanctions or actions are taken 
  • Remedies will be provided to complainants. 
  • Supportive measures: access to counseling services, no contact order/no trespass order, change in class schedule, change in work schedule, etc.