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Click on the birthday cake to see a list of all the students birthday's!  Make sure to tell your friends some nice birthday wishes!  Also remind your parents that treats are allowed to be brought in on your birthday!

These websites are a ton of fun to explore in your free time, but make sure you check the weekly homework chart so that you don't forget any of the assignments.  Have fun!

Check who the student of the week is! We all work so hard to put our best into our classroom.  It is nice to be noticed for it

This website has a bunch of fun games and videos!  Have fun exploring them all until you find something you enjoy!  Some even star characters from some PBS TV shows.  This site is great for endless fun and to relax your brain.

National Geographic Kids has a lot of fun games for any animal lover.  It has games and videos about any animal you could think of!  You can even earn badges for playing games and exploring the website.

This website makes learning fun with games that will help you in math and reading.  The games are split by grade level making it easy to find practice for what your learning.  It also has some games to help your brain relax and just have some fun!

Looking to learn more about something we learned about in class?  BrainPOP has videos and quizzes about so many different topics in science, social studies, english, math, health, arts & music, and engineering & technology.  Bring learning home and spend time exploring a subject you enjoy.

DOGO News has news articles for kids!  You can explore articles by grade level or subject.  This website can be a lot of fun to see how what we learn in class relates to the world around us.

This website is a great place for those who love science.  It has videos, experiments, and science facts.  Have fun exploring the exciting experiments and information this site offers.

Coolmath Games has strategy, skill, numbers, and logo games that make math fun!  A great way to practice your math skills outside of the classroom that you will enjoy!

Study Jams is a great study tool for math and science.  It has videos, quizzes, and even sing-along songs to help study different topics.

This website has ton of free books that are read to you.  Search around until you find one you like.  Sit back and enjoy the story as it is read out loud.