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Check out the new page that shows all your children and their classmates birthdays!  We love celebrating our students birthday's in class 314 so feel free to send in a treat, but of course it is not required of anyone.  Just make sure to avoid anything with nuts in it due to avoid any issue with allergies.  Thank you so much!

Here is a chart of the homework I assign each day during the week to help keep your students on track.  This should all be written in their student planner, but in case they miss a day or do not hear me give them the assignment.

This website is a great source to help understand what your child should be getting out of their school system.  It answers questions about common core and explains why it is important for your child.

The National Education Association provides great resources for parents.  It gives tips on motivating your child, giving emotional support to them, and how to work with your child's teacher to help enhance you and your child's experience.

The Parent Resources on Discovery Education present some great tips on how to help your children with their homework and ways to motivate your child.

Scholastic Parents has a great feature where you can put in your child's age and the topic you are looking for information on.  Scholastic will bring up a page of printables, activities, and tips related to the topic you chose.

Inspire My Kids has videos, stories, and quotes about inspirational children and how you, as a parent, can help inspire your own children.  It will help inspire not just your child, but you as well.

Stop Bullying explains the forms of bullying, who is at risk, and how it can be prevented.  It is important for all of us to know the warning signs of it in order to do our part to stop it.

Read Write Think has activities & projects, games & tools, tips & how-to's, printouts, and podcasts to help parents aid their children in their education.