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Scholastic has a great search tool called Book Wizard that allows you to search their books by level, genre, subject, or grade.  Great resource when searching for new books to use in a lesson or to just add to the classroom library.

Crayola has a wonderful variety of lesson plans that integrate art into other subjects.  Very helpful when trying to mix up your everyday activites with something new and exciting for the students.

Scholastic provides daily starters everyday in english and math, and with fun facts and "teachable" moments.  You are able to switch between days to see previous daily starters and can even pick the grade level of the questions.  Great source when looking for something to start the school day off with.

Teaching Tolerance presents a wide variety of articles that talk about teaching "tough" topics in your classroom and how to address them.  It even provides lesson plans on controversial topics.

TeacherTube is essentially Youtube for school.  It has videos on all different subjects, ones about teaching tips, videos for students, and so much more.  A great resource when looking for a video to aid in a lesson or show to the class to break up the day.

Education World provides lesson plan ideas and general tips for running your classroom that can be helpful to any teacher.

TED Ed is really interesting because it provides lesson plans shaped around TED talks.  Really fun way to get your students interested in a subject.  You can find lessons based on subject area that you're looking for.