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October 29th 2021

The Mathematics Department offers its students an energetic and dedicated faculty who find the world of mathematics exciting and challenging, and coursework that provides them with opportunities to experience the wonders of mathematics themselves.

The Mathematics faculty is proud of their commitment to creative classroom instruction and active learning. Examples of these alternative educational experiences include the use of activities and projects, portfolios, group work and cooperative learning, guided discovery approaches to problem solving, outside mathematics activities, sidewalk chalk mathematics, writing about mathematics, reading and writing about mathematical literature, sending student groups to the blackboards, explorations using mathematical manipulatives, student presentations at conferences, innovative faculty-developed course materials in lieu of standard textbooks, community service, and technology. Many of these pedagogies, by requiring that students work together, help to create an inclusive, interactive learning environment where students develop important communication,interpersonal, and team working skills.

Our graduates go on to teach in public and private school systems. They find employment as actuaries, in the financial sector, with private companies and with government agencies. Many will go to graduate school and earn advanced degrees in Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology, Engineering, Business and other fields.

Random Facts

  • All Math major classes are taught by full-time, tenure track faculty with a doctorate.
  • All Math major classes are capped at 25 students or less (though we will usually overload majors who really need the class).
  • Every student is assigned an academic advisor who helps with all questions academic (and most other questions as well).
  • We currently have about 60 majors and 9 fulltime faculty, so the student to faculty ratio in the major is better than 1:7.
  • Our students are among the highest achieving at WSU, one in four is a member of the University’s honors program.
  • Our students are encouraged to give conference presentations and work on individual research projects with professors.
  • The chair is a phenomenal baker and will often share their creations with the students at our weekly coffee hours
  • Our faculty have three hours of scheduled drop-in office hour per week, plus you can stop by anytime.
  • There are more opportunities to tutor both on and off campus than we can fill.
  • We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for our students.


Department Chair
Jesse Johnson

Julian Fleron Philip Hotchkiss John Judge Christine von Renesse Karin Vorwerk Edward Welsh

Associate Professors
Volker Ecke Anna Rokicki

Administrative Assistant
Bryan Scott

CGCE Advising
Christine von Renesse

Adjunct Faculty
Mahmud Ahmadov Charles Bookman Lynn "Skip" Clark Mary Ann Connors Paul Enman Cassie Gendron Brenda Long Larry Morell Diane Morton Rosann Ryczek Susan Stephens