Adviser’s Corner

Mark Nimkoff (Communication) is the Faculty Adviser to WSKB. Typically the largest student club on campus, WSKB is operated by students who elect an Executive Board to lead in that responsibility. Executive Board members design the programming, schedule the shows for student DJs, run all promotions, comply with FCC regulations for broadcasting, collaborate with community radio management on sharing the station, maintain an active constitution and operations handbook, and put on live musical performances and events both on and off campus. However, not everyone wants to participate in a leadership role. Any student with an interest can attend the DJ meetings, learn the basic rules and how to work the equipment, and have a show on the radio. Along with the heavy emphasis on various types of music, in recent years the station has had a growing interest in WSU Athletics, with students hosting sports talk shows, and sometimes broadcasting live coverage of local events and WSU Sports games.

Historical Highlights: In the 2009-2010 academic year, WSKB moved into its awesome state-of-the-art new studio on the top floor of the renovated Ely Hall Tower. In the same year, WSKB added online streaming to its FM broadcast, and now plays on the interwebs worldwide. In 2014, an antenna upgrade was completed and soon thereafter the Westfield Foundation launched community radio programming in the morning broadcast hours, which has created opportunities for students to collaborate with community members and other professionals on programming and resource sharing, and which has also brought in underwriting revenue through WSKB.

Advisors enjoy sharing with students their comradery and pleasure in music, sports, and being part of campus life. The names and faces change year-after year, as do the musical tastes and fashions. But it is always amazing to see the radio student’s work collectively to operate the station well (no small task), practice effective leadership, and work with each other, with college administrators, and with the community to manage a broad range of personalities, challenges, and issues. The other great part is how darn popular the club is, always with a pretty full schedule of shows featuring students broadcasting for fun.

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