What Is Underwriting? 

Underwriting is a pre-recorded credit to the sponsorship. These credits must be by FCC mandate, these credits will name the sponsor, who they are and give some sort of description on what they do. What makes them different is their spots do not make any “call to action” remarks. Essentially meaning that they cannot make any claims for product or announcing prices or even enticement to acquire the service of a product.

How Does The Station Offer Underwriting?

WSKB offers a number of underwriting packages, packages can be for “Morningside” community radio programs, student radio packages and joint underwriting packages. These different packages include the pricing as well as the number of mentions that the underwriter would receive in given week. The packages also give the times for mentions for the packages. The packages have at least three to four options for options in each package.

What We Offer With Underwriting?

Underwriters will receive a few things opportunities after signing on with WSKB. These opportunities all have to do with their company logo. The logo will be listed on the WSKB website as well as the Facebook page. But with that logo will be a hyperlink to the company website, so it is quick and easy access through a single click on either of these pages.

Who Are Our Underwriters? And Who To Contact If Interested In Underwriting For WSKB?

WSKB Supports Local Business Underwriting, such as from Westfield Bank, Baystate Dental, Whip City Fiber and Shortstop Bar and Grill. If you would also like to become an underwriter of WSKB contact:

Bill Hynes