Global Exchange Experience Online (GEEO)

Global Exchange Experience Online (GEEO)

This organization working group  was established by the International Committee at WSU.

The goal of this group is focused on providing students an online international inter cultural experience in both traditional  brick and motor and online courses.
To reach a point where all our students have a study experience that engages them in a culture different from their own.
These experiences enrich our ability to provide sustained inter cultural dialog
 and to enhance diversity.  
In today’s world we participate in an internationally interdependent economy and society, we should provide our student the opportunity to learn from each other and to become effective and informed global citizens.

Westfield State University and University of Philippines, Mindanao (UPM) Online GPS Course

The Global Exchange Experience Online (GEEO) serves to promote and enable intercultural online learning opportunities between participating institutions. the Initiative began through WSU  CIT, which is the integrating-supporting office and co-directorate with WSU international Programs, and is partnered with UPM Information Technology office (IT), and International Programs directorate.

The WSU Host course for Spring 2019 is Physical Geography GARP 102-001, a WSU core offering, and taught in-person at WSU with a Plato support site, and including an exchange portal for WSU-UPM students and co-instructor partners.

The Exchange: Intercultural Exchange Online

  • Westfield State University, Westfield MA USA (WSU)
  • University of the Philippines, Mindanao Mintal, Davao City PHL (UPM)

WSU students are in Physical Geography In-Person lecture and lab with WSU CIT PLATO online support site; which collaborates with UPM students who are in Special Topics In-Person seminar with WSU CIT PLATO online support site.  Prof. … is  the instructor for WSU and there are two co-instructors from UPM.



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