Web Camp Training – Teaching Your Class in the Online Format

WSU’s Web Camp has received the “Program of Distinction Award” from the Board of Education. WSU’s online Bachelor’s completion program ranked #1 nationwide for faculty credentials and training in U.S. News & World Report’s first-ever edition (2012) of Top Online Education Program rankings. Westfield State has continued to achieve Best Online Programs ranking each year.

What is Web Camp?

Start the Process!

Faculty New to Plato

Step 1:

Web Camp Application Requirements

Faculty new to teaching online at WSU must complete Web Camp, a stipend is available.

For more information and application instructions on how to participate in Web Camp

Click HERE for the Web Camp 2024 Application


Department chair

Letter of Support   A short email/letter of support to lzayac@westfield.ma.edu including

  • instructor name and contact info
  • the course and course number
  • semester and year
  • type (online, online synchronous, hybrid, or hyflex)
  • instructor division status (Day or CGCE).


Faculty teaching online/hybrid/remote sync/hyflex

Letter of Intent   A short email/letter of intent to lzayac@westfield.ma.edu identifying

  • instructor name and contact info
  • the anticipated course and course number to be taught online
  • the semester and year that you expect to teach it
  • identify the type (online, online synchronous, hybrid, or hyflex)
  • instructor Status- Day Division or CGCE

Step 2:

During the approval process you will be sent instructions for a short pre-Web Camp training (no additional stipend).  This is a great jump start for your Web Camp experience. You can do this training during your application process and it must be completed before beginning your Web Camp training.

Questions? call Lynn Zayac, Director of the CIT, 413-572-8142 or email lzayac@westfield.ma.edu for more details!