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Westfield State University’s Dual Enrollment program offers qualified Massachusetts high school students the opportunity enroll at Westfield State University in a part-time course of study to earn credits towards high school graduation while earning college credits concurrently.  Dual Enrollment students are registered for approved courses on a space and funding availability basis.  All eligible students must have a “B” (2.5) or better grade point average and must be recommended and approved by their guidance counselor as having the ability and maturity to benefit from college level coursework and a college environment.  Students wishing to return for a second or subsequent semester must maintain a “B” (3.0) grade point average in the Westfield State University coursework attempted in addition to maintaining a “B” (2.5) or better grade point average in their high school courses. Students can only take classes from Westfield State University’s Common Core and should consider 100 level classes.

All participants will be commuting students and are responsible for their own transportation; bus pass or parking permit. Furthermore students are responsible for purchasing textbooks and other instructional materials. Grades will be made available online to students upon completion of the semester. Students are responsible for acquiring and keeping track of their student number (CWID) and password to access their grades and schedules. Transcripts of all completed work will be maintained by the college and made available to students upon written and signed request. See further information on signature page.

Westfield State University’s (WSU) Dual Enrollment program is funded by the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnerships (CDEP). Students wishing to participate in this program must meet all CDEP eligibility criteria’s, which can be found at http://www.mass.edu/strategic/read_cdep.asp. Participation in CDEP is based on the eligibility criteria and funding availability. Students who are not selected to participate in this program may be eligible to participate in WSU’s High School Scholar program (a non-CDEP funded dual enrollment program).

  • All students are expected to attend a dual enrollment orientation prior to beginning their first dual enrollment course.  This will be scheduled by the Early College Access Coordinator in a timely manner prior to the start of the term. Students will receive all relevant information and university rules and regulations at this session.
  • Coursework taken as a Dual Enrollment student is a permanent part of the student’s college and high school record, regardless of the final grade.
  • Students needing to withdraw from a course must follow the withdrawal procedure. Students must come to the Continuing Education Office (CGCE) to complete a withdrawal form. Failure to do so could lead to a late withdrawal fee or a permanent final grade of ‘F’ on the student’s college transcript. Please contact CGCE with any questions; 413-572-8020
  • Dual Enrollment students are responsible for providing their prospective colleges with an official transcript as they apply. Students must complete the transcript request form, providing the name and complete address of the school to which it should be mailed, sign the transcript request form and pay the $2 transcript request fee.
  • By applying, the student consents to the university providing their sending high school with the official transcript upon completion of the course in order to comply with CDEP requirements that grades be officially recorded at both the university and sending high school.
  • Dual enrollment students must be aware of and adhere to all University academic, integrity and behavior rules, regulations, policies and requirements.

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