Admission for Online Degree Completion Programs

The online bachelor’s completion program is designed for graduates of Massachusetts Community Colleges who have completed the Mass transfer compact to complete their junior and senior year of their bachelor’s degree entirely online. Students who have not completed the transfer compact or who have not graduated from a Massachusetts Community College are still eligible to enter this program and may be able to complete the majority of their courses online.

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Students applying for Online Admission:

Applicants who wish to complete the bachelor's degree exclusively on-line as either a part-time or full-time students apply online. Applicants to the exclusively on-line bachelor's degree-completion program for either part-time or full-time enrollment will apply for admission on-line or by printing the application and submission to the address listed on the application.

Students applying for traditional classroom attendance and/or on-campus housing at WSU:

Applicants seeking traditional classroom attendance at and/or on-campus housing at WSU as full-time day students will continue to apply through the Admission Office; full-time status requires a minimum of 12 credit hours completed per term. Students who apply to the full-time day Admission Office will have limited or restricted access to on-line courses, and will apply as any other business major, using the major code, BUSM. 

We provide a number of online classes and degree completion programs to enable students to continue their studies while working or attending to other commitments.  Online coursework is convenient for those who have difficulty attending classes on campus.  Classes taken online are held to the same standard as in person classes and online participation is mandatory.  

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