Statement on Accessible Online/Electronic Course Materials Banacos Academic Center

Statement on Accessible Online/Electronic Course Materials from the Banacos Academic Center

“If we must go to an online course system for any amount of time, faculty that have students that require accessible online/electronic course materials must have them available in their courses.

The only way the University can guarantee this, is for faculty to use PLATO and PLATO supported services like Collaborate for live interactive classes.  CIT Accessibility Technicians will prepare timely submitted faculty content and materials on PLATO and ensure that they are accessible for the student.

Professors should not send out an email with a link to a video, article, Word Document, PDF and/or PowerPoint presentations,  without ensuring that it is an accessible document that meets Section 508 accessibility requirements.

YouTube video captioning is not adequate by itself, as it does not capitalize or punctuate transcripts.  This is inadequate for students who need accessible materials in their courses.”