Haven’t used PLATO? Get started here!


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Schedule a Plato Overview Training Session with Lisa.

This training can be done either in person, or virtually in BB Collaborate.

In this “hands-on” session, you will learn the Plato basics:

    • Customize the Plato template to meet your needs while providing a familiar virtual environment for your students
    • Upload your syllabus and class handouts for students to view online
    • Create an assignment “drop box” for students to turn in papers and documents
    • Create a discussion forum to enhance the understanding of course topics
    • Use the Plato virtual grade center
    • Add web links to course related or special topic web sites, YouTube videos, and more

See what other great tools there are to enhance your course site such as:

    • Create online quizzes to test student knowledge
    • Use Screencast-O-Matic or Zoom for screen capture, and to create short tutorials
    • Use Audacity to create podcasts (sound files) in your course
    • Use Zoom for virtual office hours, and virtual meetings

Feel free to click the Calendly link below to schedule a meeting or training appointment with Lisa

https://calendly.com/lclark-23 or email lclark@westfield.ma.edu with any questions you might have!