Plato Self Help Resources and more!

Instructors, would you like to use Plato for your courses?

You can start with the Virtual Instructor Plato Training Course for in person, synchronous or remote classes, (1 hour training).
If you have not used Plato in the past, and would like to gain access to the system, you will need to complete this quick training. You will learn the basics of migrating your course to the online format and some best practices in online teaching.

Please sign up here to get started:
Click here to sign up for a quick Virtual Instructor Plato Course Training!

Need assistance? email Lisa Clark

Zoom in Plato
At the start of a new semester and in each Plato course you will need to add a new Zoom link.  Click here to see how to get started.

Click here to see how to add a Zoom Link in your Plato course.

For help or questions email us at

Self Help Resources

The Software and Resources course can be found on your Plato Course list when you log into Plato.
All faculty using the Plato system should have the Software and Resources course listed. Here you will find the Plato Manual, videos and resources for all the tools we currently have and support.  Lots of great resources here.

On the Plato home page, you can find lots of Self Help Resources – Click on the Faculty tab for great resources.  

The CIT Website offers even more resources such as Pedagogy, Diversity, Inclusion, Wellness and more.

Contact the Center for Instructional Technology

The best way get help is the Plato Help Desk – Click here to submit a Plato Help Ticket!

Or you can also email us at the Center for Instructional Technology at

 If needed, we can schedule a Zoom Session.