ScreenPal (Screen & Web Cam Recorder)

Use this world famous recorder to record on-screen activity for short tutorials (UP TO 15 MINUTES), visual presentations, and communicate while you demonstrate!

Upload your videos directly to your ScreenPal account and share a link in your class. 

ScreenPal is a free tool used to create content for your course. Once you use this tool you will be addicted. You can create screen capture videos and send them up to your account 

  • To find out how to use this great tool, you can watch the ScreenPal tutorials here:
  • Studies show that micro videos are more effective and engaging than longer videos. After 10 minutes you may lose your audience. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE! Please DO NOT load Mp4 files directly into Plato. You can save them up to your ScreenPal account and then share the web link with your class.