Add a Zoom link to your PLATO course


If you do not have a WSU Zoom account, please follow these steps: 

Click here:

and sign in using Single Sign On with your campus account (your MyWestfield credentials).

BOOKMARK THIS ADDRESS –It is the quickest way to access Zoom with Single Sign-on

All users can utilize this method, or if you already have a WSU licensed account, where you created a password, you can continue to use it.

To add Zoom to your Plato class…..

On the top of the left side bar, click on the little + and then choose TOOL LINK.

Under TOOL link, you can NAME it “Virtual Office Hours and Meeting Rooms”, or “Course Meeting Rooms”, etc. and then click the drop down next to TYPE and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and choose ZOOM (Video Conferencing). You can select the Available to Users check box if you want to let students see it right away.

The link will go right to the bottom of the left sidebar under Week 15. Grab the little arrows to the left of the new link and drag it up to where your Discussion tool is.

THEN click into that link. That will take you to your Zoom account where you can Schedule a New Meeting. I like to recommend that you create it as a recurring meeting with “No Fixed Time” so it will always be open, and I highly recommend turning on the Waiting Room Feature.

Any meetings you create in the course will show up when you click that link.

Students can click the link on the left sidebar, and then join the meeting. If you make it a recurring meeting with no fixed time you don’t have to schedule a new one each week.

Also, if you would like to add Office Hours to the same room in multiple courses, just schedule the meeting in one class, and copy the meeting link to put in your other classes. That way students can all join your office hours in the same meeting.