Upload Videos to YouTube or OneDrive for your Class.

If your instructor asks you to create and upload a video for class, or convert a powerpoint with sound files to a video file, PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE VIDEO FILE DIRECTLY INTO PLATO.

There are two easy options to complete this task. See below for instructions on how to upload to YouTube OR your WSU OneDrive to share in your class. 

OPTION 1: Upload your MP4 file to YouTube, and paste the link into your course dropbox or discussion forum. Here is a quick video to see how to upload your video to youtube and share it with your instructor. 


Be sure to set your video as “unlisted” when uploading so your instructor will be able to view your video, but it won’t be available to anyone without the link. 

You will need a google account. If you do not have a google account, you can create one here: 



OPTION 2:  Upload your videos or large files to your WSU OneDrive to share in class as a web link. 

To upload your videos or files to OneDrive to share with your students or your instructor follow these steps. 

Log into your email via a browser. 

Click on the square with the dots on the top left corner to access your Office 365 Tools

When you click into the menu you will see your Office 365 tools. From here you can click directly into your OneDrive.

Once in your OneDrive, on the left side, click ADD NEW. Then you will see the menu below, and you will click Files Upload.  This will bring you to your files, and you can select your MP4 file or other file types. 

Once it is uploaded, you will see it in your drive and you can click the arrow to the right of the file to get a web link to share it. 

Then click the COPY LINK button. This will add the web link to your cursor and you can paste the WEB LINK into your course discussion or assignment.

To the right of the COPY LINK button there is a little cog where you can choose sharing options. The default is set to “anyone with the link can view”

If you have any trouble with either of these options please submit a Plato Help Ticket and we can assist you.