Portfolium Resources

Portfolium is a tool that is available to
Education and Education Counseling Majors
Students Enrolled in WSU Addiction Counselor Education (ACE-H certificate program)

What is Portfolium?

This tool allows students to build a personal portfolio where they can house badges earned, materials including videos, and share resources with potential employers and others.

How Will I get Access to Portfolium (Currently only Education and Education Counseling Majors and WSU Addiction Counselor Education students)?
Students will be sent a registration link to join Westfield State’s Portfolium, please do not delete this link.

Deleted the registration invitation?

Please check your trash folder,  go to westfield.portfolium.com and  enter your email, you will be prompted to set a password and then you will have  access. 


Technical Help

Once Registered- In the System-  Portfolium support


“Chat with an Expert” button inside of Portfolium is  located on the bottom right hand side


Westfield State Portfolium Linkhttps://portfolium.com/network/westfield-state-university