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Tobacco Free Campus

There is no one solution to end a tobacco addiction that works for everyone.  Some people are successful going cold turkey while others become tobacco free with the aid of nicotine replacement products such as the gum or the patch.  Hypnosis works well for some, while Chantix (a drug that blocks nicotine receptors) is the winning route for others. 

In all cases, success is frequently characterized by embracing a healthy lifestyle (not just giving up an unhealthy one).  This usually means that, in addition to one of the methods of quitting, the former tobacco user must also engage in some planning for adding positive activities into their lives.   It is also a good idea to limit direct exposure to active tobacco use for at least six months to a year after quitting. 

Here are some self-help resources that can be useful in getting you started on a tobacco free path:

Websites to help people quit chewing tobacco:

Additionally, the staff members at Westfield State’s Health Services and Counseling Center are available for assistance.