Aerial image of the Westfield State campus

Westfield State: Your Educational Journey Amidst Scenic Beauty, Close to Hartford & Boston.

Explore Westfield State University's expansive 256-acre campus, nestled just west of Springfield in the picturesque Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Enjoy the perfect blend of outdoor escapades in the Berkshires and convenient access to the vibrant city centers of Hartford and Boston. Your educational journey begins in a location that combines the best of nature and urban experiences.


  • 10 minutes from Mass Pike, Exit 41
  • 20 minutes from Springfield
  • 30 minutes from Northampton/Amherst and the Berkshires
  • 2 hours from Boston, Providence, and Albany
  • 3 hours from New York City

Nurturing Innovation, Inspiring Excellence, and Building a Legacy of Lasting Opportunities.

Established on September 4, 1839, Westfield State University stands as a vibrant force in American education. Originating as an innovative normal school in Barre, Massachusetts, it evolved into the first public, coeducational, and racially integrated normal school in the United States. The institution transitioned into a state teachers college in the 1930s and proudly emerged as Westfield State University in 2010. This transformative journey highlights our commitment to fostering broad intellectual development, professional preparation, and impactful community service.

Known as 'Whip City,' Westfield boasts a history steeped in innovation since the 19th century. Initially known for bricks, whips, and cigars, it emerged as a major hub for the buggy whip industry in the 1800s. Over time, Westfield diversified into industries like bicycles, paper products, textile machinery, and wood products. This transformation turned Westfield from an agricultural town into an industrial city.

  • Black Squirrels

    were a gift to Frank Stanley Beveridge, the founder of Stanley Park in 1948.

  • Columbia Bike Company

    originated and is currently still operating in Westfield as Columbia Manufacturing Inc. 

  • Whip City

    Westfield became known as “Whip City” as early as 1808 when the first whips were made here.

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