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Regional Planning Minor

Why Minor in Regional Planning?

Society's demands on the natural environment continue to increase as communities grow. Planning addresses the interface between the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of cities and regions. The Department of Geography, Planning, and Sustainability (GPS) offer a minor in regional planning that is open to all majors at Westfield State.  The minor introduces the challenging and vital aspects of creating, improving, and sustaining communities and regions. It provides students with knowledge of how regions and cities function and how they can transform through planning, policy, design, and social action. The minor is to meet the particular interests of the student. While it cannot convey the full scope of regional planning, various combinations of courses can augment a specific slant or emphasis on planning issues or processes. 

Requirements for a Minor in Regional Planning

The requirement is 18 credits, 12 of which must be at Westfield State University, as follows: 

Part 1: Required Courses – Two GPS Courses (6 Credits) 
GARP 0105 Introduction to Community Planning (3 Credits) 
GARP 0106 Environment, Sustainability, and Society (3 Credits)

Part 2: Elective Courses – Any GPS Course (3 Credits) 
GARP 0244 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3 Credits). 
GARP 0246 Quantitative Methods (3 Credits). 
GARP 0243 Introduction to Remote Sensing (3 Credits). 
GARP 0340 Data Collection and Analysis (3 Credits). 
GARP 0343 Advanced Remote Sensing (3 Credits). 
GARP 0344 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3 Credits). 
GARP 0360 Field Methods (3 Credits). 

Part 3: Additional Elective Courses – Any three GPS Courses (9 Credits) 
And three courses, with advisement, from the Regional Planning major core or concentrations. 
Note: Environmental Science majors cannot minor in Regional Planning.

Clubs & Organizations

Environmental Planning Club

The Environmental Planning Club encourages members to enrich the environment.