Marketing Department Services

We're committed to collaborating with you to achieve your goals for marketing your initiative, program, or event.

We have expertise in marketing communication and in the design and editorial style that represents the Westfield State University brand. Our goal is to promote Westfield State in the best way possible, including helping you achieve your goals for promoting your initiative, program, or event intended for external audiences.

Services Offered

Creative Services

With the support and services of our creative team, we design, develop, and produce print and digital marketing materials, websites, photography, and videos for the University’s recruitment efforts and major initiatives. Communication, planning, and development are integral to the success of all that we do.

Our responsibility and commitment to managing and preserving the brand's visual identity and design style are always at the forefront of everything we do. We represent the University's core values when the University's brand elements are used properly, consistently, and collaboratively. 

View Visual Brand Guidelines


Web Services

In partnership with content managers across campus, our web team keeps Westfield State University’s website current, accurate, and fresh. For information on updating your department, office, or program's website, please fill out the Marketing & Communication Project Brief form.

If you are interested in having access as a content manager to update your department or office website pages please sign up for a training session here.

Social Media Services

Social media presents an opportunity for individuals and institutions to communicate in meaningful ways. Westfield State University embraces social media as a tool for connecting with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other groups, and we encourage members of our community to incorporate social media into their programs.

With social media, communication takes place in real-time, which makes it unique among other forms of communication. Many departments, offices, groups, and organizations at Westfield State maintain their own social media accounts, and the University Marketing Department manages the school’s main accounts on most major social media platforms.

All campus groups can take advantage of the university’s main social media channels to promote a program or event. Please take some time to review our Social Media Guidelines.

In the days or weeks before the event, please fill out a Marketing & Communication Project Brief.

Photography Resources

Through photography, we can capture a fleeting moment and tell an entire story. Authenticity, relevance, and value to the composition are important considerations when selecting photography.

University communications should use only authentic images. Stock photos featuring students, faculty, or campus spaces are not allowed. We have a wide selection of photographs depicting the University, our students, faculty, and staff. 

For more information contact David Fried

Media Relations

To let the news media know about an upcoming seminar, event, guest speaker, or accomplishment (yours or another person's), please contact Public Affairs at