Champions Network
Welcome Parents, Families, and Student Supporters!

Student and their mom sitting

Welcome Champions!

Thank you for being an active participant in your student's next chapter! We are excited to have them join Owl Nation here at Westfield State University!

Whether you are a parent, a guardian, a family member, or a supporter of a first year student, you have the special role of serving as a Champion. With your student now entering into an exciting new life at the University, we can promise that we will do our best to provide them the resources they need to be safe and successful here. We understand that your influence, mentorship, and guidance will remain strong as your student meets new academic challenges, creates a vibrant new social life, and develops the inevitable sense of independence.

We invite you to join our Champions Network, a community that will introduce you to campus and provide you with important information about how to best support your Westfield State University student from the moment they arrive, until they moment they leave. The Champions Network is designed to ensure that you get all of your questions answered, that you feel comfortable leaving your student in our hands and make sure that you feel connected as a member of the Westfield State Community. 

What's Included in the Champions Network?

Use the sections below for details on the ways our office works to connect with Champions throughout the year. 

To Sign-up for the Champions Network, please fill out the following form. 


Champions Orientation Program

Over the summer, the New Student Orientation staff will host Zoom meetings in order to answer important questions and introduce Champions to important resources on campus. 

Our sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 6:00pm. Please see the schedule below.

  • Wednesday, July 13th: Financial Education
  • Wednesday, July 20th: Keeping Your Student Safe
  • Wednesday, July 27th: Health and Wellness Resources 
  • Wednesday, August 3rd: Academic Success 
  • Wednesday, August 10th: Student Engagement 
  • Wednesday August 17th: Preparing for Move-In

Champions will also be invited to attend the Summer Social events and should register for these events with their student. (Registration in the Champions Network is not a registration for the Summer Social Events)

Champions Network Events

As part of the Champions Network, receive special invitations to events throughout the year. These events will coincide with times that you may already be coming to the University. 

Champions Facebook Group

This is a place for you to connect with other Champions and ask questions of each other.  There will be minimal staff in the group and these staff will assist in answering any questions that may be asked. The Facebook Group is called WESTFIELD STATE CHAMPIONS NETWORK. You can join this group by requesting to join on Facebook. 

Champions Blog

This unique website offers articles written by current students about student and academic life. It is also a one-stop shop for important university updates and a list of important campus resources. 

Check it out:

Resource Calendar

You will have access to the Champions Resource Calendar, a publication that can be downloaded online or you can grab one at our Summer Social Events. This calendar includes important dates for events, academic calendar information, contact information, and talking points for you and your student for each month of the year. 

The 2022 Champions Calendar