Short Videos

Magic 101: The 10 Categories of Magic

Instructor: Jonas Cain
Instructor website:
Description: This video teaches you how to do TEN different easy-to-do magic tricks with everyday items that you'll find around your home! These ten magic tricks were selected because they each align with one of the ten categories of magic: Production, Vanish, Transportation, Transformation, Restoration, Penetration, Suspension, Levitation, Prediction, and Mind Reading.
Recommended age range: 8-12


To do the magic tricks explained in this video you will need:
• A pen
• A bottle
• A piece of string
• A coin
•Two rubber bands
• Paper towels
• Two opaque cups that can "nest" together
• An ice cube
• A small glass of water
• A popsicle stick
• 6 different colored crayons
• Any three objects that will fit on a table

    Storytelling 101

    Instructor: Jonas Cain
    Instructor website:
    Description: This video teaches you the basic elements and characters of storytelling to help you create your own engaging story!
    Recommended age range: 11-14


    • A pen or pencil
    • A notebook
    • Creativity

    Suggested Extra Materials:

    Programming Fun with Python

    Instructor: Kevin Kopchynski
    Instructor website:
    Requirements: To follow along with these videos, you will need to download and install Python from
    Recommended age range: 10-14





    Description (Part 1): Look at a very simple Python program to see the basics of syntax and become familiar with the programming environment. Learn how to interpret error messages and fix errors.

    Description (Part 2): Learn the if block, a programming concept that enables the program to perform different tasks depending on the situation.

    Description (Part 3): Loops allow code to be repeated as needed to perform a task. The while loop is introduced in this video.

    Description (Part 4): Lists are a unique data structure that enable a program to perform complex tasks. Learn the basics of lists and a couple of pitfalls to avoid.

    Bucket Drumming for Beginners

    Instructor: Julia Maloof
    Instructor website:
    Description: Bucket Drumming for Beginners is a three-part video series that offers activities and pointers for starting to bucket drum.
    Recommended age range: 12-14


    Please have the following materials ready in order to follow along with this series

    • a bucket (or similar household drum-like object)
    • drum sticks (or similar household object)
    • a comfortable chair
    • good speakers or headphones