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Commercial Recreation and Tourism Minor

Why Minor in Commercial Recreation and Tourism?

The Commercial Recreation and Tourism minor is interdisciplinary and includes courses from Economics and Management, Geography and Regional Planning, and Movement Science. It is designed to expose you to the unique issues facing the travel and transportation, hospitality, commercial recreation, and entertainment industries.

Requirements for the Minor in Commercial Recreation and Tourism

Required - 9 Credits


  • MRKT 0251 - Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism
  • MOVP 0330 - Sports Promotion

One of the following:


  • GARP 0213 - Travel and Tourism Planning
  • GARP 0218 - Recreation Geography

Three courses from the list below - 9 Credits

To be selected with the approval of the minor advisor

  • ECON 0322 - The Economics of Sports *
  • GARP 0317 - Special Topics in Geography and Planning
  • MGMT 0221 - Business Management: A Survey of Organizational Development and Management Principles *
  • MGMT 0241 - Business Law I
  • MGMT 0350 - Special Topics in Business Management
  • MOVR 0296 - Special Topics Credits: 3
  • MRKT 0231 - Marketing Management
  • MRKT 0336 - Fundamentals of Retailing *
  • MRKT 0353 - Resort Management *
  • MRKT 0354 - Fieldwork in Commercial Recreation and Tourism *


* Please note:these courses have prerequisites

Students interested in this minor are encouraged to major in one of the three areas of economics and management, geography and regional planning or movement science, and should seek advisement from that department.

    Clubs & Organizations

    Marketing Club

    The primary purpose of this organization shall be to advance and promote understanding of important marketing issues among members.